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What to visit

What to visit in nearby of Poreč?

The town of Porec, former Colonia Iulia Parentium, which is almost two thousand years old , today is one of the favorite destinations in Croatia for those who want good entertainment and much wider offer.

Poreč Old Town

The main streets of Cardo Maximus and Decumanus where are hidden sights and monuments including the Euphrasian basilica from the 5th century that the most important and most valuable cultural monument of Poreč and it UNESCO in 1997th Year protected as a World Heritage Site.

Of natural attractions near Porec is definitely worth a visit Lim bay and Romualdo's cave, and the Baredine Cave, which is the first speleological site in Istria that is decorated for tourism purposes.

Baredine Cave

The Baredine Cave has been known and visited since ancient times, while first documented explorations can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, when speleologists from Trieste explored it to the depth of 80 meters.

Bardeine Cave is the first speleological object and a geomorphological natural preserve in Istria evaluated for tourist visitations.

St. Nicholas Island

You can easily find taxi boat in city centar to the island across. Duration of trip is aproximative 10 min.

Set out on a boat to the island of St. Nicholas, which is closing the town harbor, where you can spend the day enjoying one of the beaches or take a walk around the Mediterranean nature, on one of the many trails that crossed the island.

Aquapark Aquacolors

The largest Croatian water park situated near tourist resort Zelena Laguna in Poreč. Aquapark extends on over 100.000 m2 while on the daily bases it can welcome from 3000 up to 5000 visitors. Aquacolors was official open in May 2015 and it is considered as one of the most modern water parks in Europe, which offers plenty of amusement and adrenalin for all ages. This water kingdom will offer you the vacation of your dreams. In case you get hungry, there are all kinds of refreshments, which will satisfy every palate.

Dinopark Funtana

First Croatian theme and show park. It is located in the heart of Istria, near Poreč. It is only a 25-minute car drive away from the Slovenian border. Part of the park is located on an old stone quarry in which wilderness the moving life-size dinosaurs live. The beautiful surrounding naturecontributes to theauthentic prehistoric atmosphere of the Dino Park. The park is surrounded by lush trees, and in it stretches more than 1.5 kilometers of wooden walkways.

Pazinska jama

Pazinska jama - the most scenic example of the action of natural forces of our peninsula - was created exactly at the border of "gray" and "red" Istria. Pazinčica's largest Istrian basin has found its way through the underworld to the Raša River Valley, and a millennial castle is located on the cliff over its canyon, not far from the abyss.

Pazin's abyss is protected by law as a Significant Landscape. The protected area covers the canyon and abyss of Pazinčica, about 500 meters long and about 100 meters deep. This unusual game of nature inspired numerous writers.