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Swimming pool

While it is up to our beach only a 10 min walk, for lovers of fresh water at guests' disposal there are two contemporary style pools with a total area of 180 m².

One pool is suited to younger age groups, while the other is intended for adults. The pools are located close to each other so that parents can have control over their children.

Swimming pool for adults with an area of 95 m², depth up to 1.35m with a pool bar where guests are able to refresh with premium cocktails from our cocktail masters.

For the youngest, there is a pool of 85 m², depth up to 30cm that contains water attractions (water slide).

The area around the pool is filled with deck chairs and umbrellas which our guests can use without charge.

For the children that don't know how to swim, we have prepared a swimming school. The licensed trainer is here to take all their fears away and learn them how to swim!